About Us

Finca Barlovento embraces the privilege of its extraordinary location and humbly subdues to the natural wonders on the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Cabaña and Maloka
provide the basic comfort and the proper setting for an immersion like no other into Parque Tayrona territory. The generous exuberance of nature is ever-present.

Our fare is based on traditional recipes from the Colombian Caribbean, using local ingredients and other elements of the slow food approach to cuisine such as catch of the day, seasonal vegetables and fresh fruits. The food is prepared by our experienced cooks with a particular savoir-fare coming down from mother to child for generations.

We long for a measured, balanced and sustainable impact on the environment by using responsible practices to reduce negative effects. We minimize water consumption and energy by using fresh well water. We aim to improve the quality of discharges and carry out effective waste management. We avoid the use of plastic, reason why we suggest that our guests bring their own water container, at the hotel we have bottles of drinking water.

Our staff has been involved with the project from the beginning and the whole team lives in the area. We’ve focused from the get-go on hiring local people, mostly women who are heads of their households but with the drawback of not speaking foreign languages. You can see this as a challenge and opportunity to practice your Spanish. We’ve cultivated a relationship with our workforce based on trust, respect and a strong commitment to our goals.



We are located just past the 33KM road mark on the highway to Riohacha. If you are coming from Cartagena or arrive by plane the easiest is to take a taxi. From Santa Marta it should cost you about $110.000 COP and from the airport $120.000 COP. Rates may vary a little according to season or if it is at night. For a taxi, please call Jimmy at 314 501 2383. If you want to rough it up and come by bus you can take one at El Mercado at Calle 11 Carrera 11. Take one that says GUACHACA and tell the driver to stop at Barlovento KILOMETRO 33.

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