Barlovento Cabaña | Finca Barlovento
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Barlovento Cabaña

Barlovento Cabaña

Originally built as a family vacation retreat by award winning architect Simon Velez this architectural wonder consists of one ample suite and 3 rooms which overlook the beach and the ocean unhindered by walls. Between the 3 rooms and the ocean you only have a veranda.

The view from Cabaña is one of the finest views you may find anywhere in the planet. Los Naranjos beach and the Piedra River are at your feet. You can watch the surfers’ right from your bed. All rooms have a private bathroom and you have plenty of terraces to unwind.

Cabaña was built as a house to be left alone most of the time and therefore it is austere with a feeling of uncluttered basic elegance .

As the house has stairs it is not recommended either for children or elderly folk. The sound of the ocean may be bothering. If any of these considerations are an issue we recommend you stay at Maloka.


We are located just past the 33KM road mark on the highway to Riohacha. If you are coming from Cartagena or arrive by plane the easiest is to take a taxi. From Santa Marta it should cost you about $110.000 COP and from the airport $120.000 COP. Rates may vary a little according to season or if it is at night. For a taxi, please call Jimmy at 314 501 2383. If you want to rough it up and come by bus you can take one at El Mercado at Calle 11 Carrera 11. Take one that says GUACHACA and tell the driver to stop at Barlovento KILOMETRO 33.

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Best Place in Colombia to hang your hat. “Lonely Planet”

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