Barlovento Maloka | Finca Barlovento
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Barlovento Maloka

Barlovento Maloka

Maloka means house to the indigenous tribes in South America. It consists of a large thatched roof with an ample dwelling space under it. It provides comfort, coolness, protection to the elements and a sense of togetherness and support.

Built by local artisans with materials found at Sierra Nevada, Maloka is an ecohab with view to Tayrona National Park (Parque Tayrona), the river, Los Naranjos beach or native vegetation.

Rooms at Maloka are ample and with a private bathroom. It has generous communal space with hammocks and a deck with amazing views of Parque Tayrona and Los Naranjos. You can watch the sunset enjoying a nice drink prepared by the experienced barman or from the Honesty Bar. Or take a small walk to the Sierra Bar overlooking the river and the surfers.


KM33.1 on the road to Riohacha. 1,800 mts past the yellow bridge over the RIO PIEDRAS which is just past the entrance to the Parque Tayrona.

If you need a taxi you can call Jimmy 314-501-2383 It should cost you about $110.000 COP  from Santa Marta or $120.000 COP from the airport.

You can also take a bus at El Mercado (Calle 11 carrera 11) and tell them to drop you at Barlovento on Km33. Take a bus going to Guachaca.
Once inside the finca go all the way to the beach at the end of the road.

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