1. Is Barlovento in Parque Tayrona?

No. Barlovento Cabaña and Maloka are located at the limit of the park on the other side of the Rio Piedras.

2. How can we get to Barlovento from Cartagena?

By private car $560.000 . By bus (Marsol) $75.000 per person, then taxi to Barlovento $110.000 , Marsol to Santa Marta and sometimes up to Barlovento (You have to check with them prices and availability).

Prices are in COP and are a rough idea.

3. How can we get to Barlovento from Santa Marta?

By taxi $110.000 COP  ($120.000 COP from the airport), by bus $5.000. Take the bus at El Mercado at Calle 11 Carrera 11. Take a bus in the direction to Palomino or Guachaca and tell the driver to stop at Barlovento just past KILOMETRO 33.

4. How long should we stay and what is there to do.

Ideally you should stay at least two days so you can spend one day, at least, at the property and one day at the park coming back in the evening to dine and sleep in Barlovento. You can also plan a trek to Pueblito, which would be another day or go to Riohacha and back, which would be another day and so on.

5. Is there WiFi?

yes, free Wifi.

6. Can we pay in Barlovento by Credit Card?

yes we have credit cards and also PayPal.

7. How late may we arrive?

Staff does not stay at the guest houses. They leave at 7:30pm at the latest, right after dinner. Dinner is served for all at 6:30pm. Try to arrive on daylight. If arriving after 6:30pm please have dinner before arriving. If arriving after 7pm please let us know in advance to coordinate a car that knows our premises and will be able to show you to your room.

8. Check in/out time?

It is noon. Depending on availability we may be able to accommodate you on an earlier or late check-out time.

9. How do we get to the park?

The park’s entrance at El Zaino is just 2.5km away. Through our staff you can try to arrange a moto taxi or a car. You can also take a bus or even walk.

10. What is the difference between the Cabaña and the Maloka?

The cabaña was built almost 40 years ago. It sits on a cliff in a place of unusual beauty with the ocean and the river at its feet. There are three rooms which are open to the ocean and share two airy bathrooms. The suite ( at a different rate) has a private bathroom and balcony. The Cabaña rather resembles a sail boat. It is austere although it lacks nothing.

The Maloka was recently build in 2013. It is located near Cabaña, on a hill overlooking the river, the ocean and the jungle. Rooms are spacious, with a queen size bed and private bathroom. Its interior design was conceived to transmit comfort and tranquility. Cabaña is not recommended for children, people with disabilities, and pregnant ladies.

11. Do you have hot water in the showers ?

No we don’t.

12. Are kids allowed in the hotel?

No kids under 15.